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Terry and his Bull Terrier Morris from Dogs Today Magazine

Visit this site to read some hilarious stories about a crazy bull terrier and his English owner Terry.

I became a fan of Terry Doe's when an Email friend, Hannah, from Scotland sent me a couple of his articles about his bull terrier Morris which are written for an English magazine called Dogs Today. I loved the articles and the illustrations so I decided to try and contact Terry through Dogs Today's email site. Contact was made and we have exchanged email messages for about a month now. I just thought I'd give you some background info regarding this hilarious hound and his crazy owner Terry.

Background Information

Terry Doe is a 42 year old 100%pure-bred Romany Gypsy (a great partner for a 100% pure bred English bull terrier) born in a caravan and a confirmed nature boy. He is entirely self educated, and when you read his stories,his gift of colorful descriptive words will blow you away!

He is married to Kimberly Marie,alias "HERSELF" in Terry's literary efforts and they have 3 sons Kristopher12, Terry Joseph (T.J)11, and Stephen 9.

Terry's interests include being an International Standard Rifle Shooter with many awards in his collection. Terry is a vegetarian, alas he is a huge one over 6'3 and explains his predilection for eating like a rhino or elephant I got this big by eating my greens.

Why did he want a bully? Gawd knows. He saw one when he was 25 yrs old and became interested in the breed and watched the best in the UK compete for the Ormandy Trophy and was smitten beyond recall. Terry's first bull terrier was a red and white puppy named Ellis. At present, Terry has Morris, the star of his articles. Morris is 2 years and 8 months old and as the stories relate has crammed quite a few adventures into his short life.

"Herself" looking very calm, Morris must have been a good dog when this picture was taken.

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