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This will be one of the best home pages for a miniature bull terrier from Alberta!

Want to know some information on miniature bull terriers and standard bull terriers? Hi, my formal name is Bulwark Minikin Trademark. I was born at the Bulwark Minikin Kennel in Priddis, Alta, on February 3 1996. My father "Harley" Bulwark Minikin Marksman, has won many shows as well as my Uncle "Pilate" I was the largest in my litter but being a mini that was not a good sign for breeders so I went to live with my new family the Schachts on May 5th, 1996. And boy have I had a hard time training this family about Bull Terriers.I am now 6 years old and so far I have trained my family to feed me two great meals a day, at least one good run a day, they now allow me one Bully Spaz attack per day but I still cannot convince them that I can be left alone in the house while they are gone. I don't know why... I only eat up their shoes, terrorize Kim's stuffed animals and drag all the garbage out of the garbage cans.I now have a miniature bull terrier buddy named Madison and she is 2 1/2 years old. KEEP IN CONTACT, WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ANY OTHER BULLY FAMILIES

My good friend Lucy has passed away. She will be missed very much by myself and my Mom I shall see beauty but none to match your living grace. I shall hear music but none as sweet as the droning song with which you love me. I shall fill my days but I shall not, cannot forget. Sleep soft, dear friend... Author unknown
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Advice about Bullies & Bully Pictures


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Bull Terrier Puppies, BT pics and My Bully Buddies UPDATED

Seasonal Wear for Fashion Conscious Bullies

1st Annual Bull Terrier Picnic

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A Natural Dog Food Recipe You Can Make

Bull Terrier Shopping Mall - A Store which features many different bull terrier artists, there is custom bull terrier portraits, notecards, christmas cards, bull terrier stained glass, t shirts, bull terrier blanket, books, dog balls, matching bull terrier pattern leashes and collars, a wonderful bull terrier calendar and THE BEST THING IS THAT ALL ARTISTS DONATE FROM ITEMS SOLD TO MY BULL TERRIER RESCUE FUND!!!

Valentine Wishes and Birthday Celebration Pictures and Hot Bully Girlfriend Pics

Some of Rocky's Bull Terriers Links

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